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Press Release

New Ownership

Since 1998 Niess Impressions has been providing website services to companies and individuals in the Northwest North Dakota area. In 2007 we branched off this part of the company and named it Magic City Webworks. With great leadership and full support of all the resources of Niess Impressions, Magic City Webworks flourished and prospered.

Niess Impressions has always been a leader in the printing world staying ahead of everyone. In the digital aspect, we were the first to bring numerous digital technologies to the area and still do. It has been our vocation to provide the best in design, service, and technology.

As you know, digital technology changes every day and requires a lot of money, research, and training.

Recently, doors have opened for us to add even more services for our customers and potential customers. This retooling is a significant undertaking in staffing, technology, and equipment. It is essential at this time to migrate Magic City Webworks so as not to get behind with all the changes happening here.

Mr. Jonathan Starr and StarrWebVision is the perfect place for Magic City Webworks. We have chosen Jonathan to take over all of the Magic City Webworks accounts as well as developing the new online presence for Niess Impressions.

We are trusting Jonathan and his company to upgrade our presence for our expansion and so should you. He is on the cutting edge of web service and competitive with his pricing.

Jonathan will be contacting all of my clients and offering his services. You may still feel free to call me at any time.

Gloria and I thank you for your patronage in the past and hope you are impressed with the new Niess Impressions in the near future.

Leonard Niess,
President, Niess Impressions